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4 Reasons Why Boat Wraps are Amazing and Affordable

Why you would choose a boat wrap design this year: We have the 4 reasons why they’re amazing and affordable (especially for saltwater).

Let’s face it, boat maintenance can be really expensive and time consuming! We know dropping any kind of money on something you may not know much about is scary. With over 15 years experience designing and wrapping boats we’ve seen it all, and we wrote this article to lay it all on the line. Vinyl boat wraps are becoming a popular, and economical alternative to repainting, and keeping a fresh look for your boat. We wanted to educate you why we’re so passionate about boat wraps. So here are the 4 expert reasons why boat wraps are amazing (Especially for Saltwater).

1.) COST AND VALUE: Keeping your boat looking new can certainly be a challenge, especially when it’s constantly exposed to harsh elements such as saltwater, sun, and that occasional clumsy friend (we all have one). Keeping the COST of maintenance down can be even more challenging. So if you’re wondering what route would be cheaper here’s the ZINGER, boat wraps typically run about half the cost of a paint job, and can last for quite a while! If you’re curious about the cost of a boat wrap please contact us.

Suppose you just invested in a shiny new coat of paint and are worried about protecting it. Here’s the BEST part: a vinyl wrap protects the paint underneath it. NO, the vinyl does NOT ruin the paint when you take it off. Upon removal, the paint will look like the day it was installed (given you didn’t let your clumsy friend pilot the boat). This factor is of particular value when thinking you may want to sell your boat down the road. Now, to be 100% clear, vinyl will not protect your paint against deep scratches or dings. It will, however, protect against sun damage, minor scratches, and fading wherever the wrap is applied.

Saltwater boat maintenance can suck the life out of your summer as you try your best to keep your boat looking new. While maintenance is still required for your boat, having your boat wrapped will cut down on the time and large financial investment required to keep your boat looking shiny. No harsh chemicals or days of buffing are required to keep a vinyl wrap looking like new. The only cleaning required is with a mild soap solution on occasion to keep the dirt, and salt off.

2.) ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE: found the boat of your dreams for a great price, but there’s a’s the wrong color! Do you pass on a deal of a lifetime or just accept that you purchase a less than ideal colored boat? There IS one more option. You can simply get a color-change Boat Wrap! This process is relatively simple. You can choose whatever color (out of the hundreds provided) you want.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to vinyl. There are actually so many options that it may make this the most difficult part of the process. Keep in mind some vinyls are much more durable than others when choosing a look. The other option is having a wrap specifically designed for your boat. Sometimes the cost isn’t much more for that service (depending on a few factors) and it provides you with a completely unique and customized wrap. While putting a vinyl wrap on a boat, you’re also protecting the paint, while getting the color or design you want. Click here to see some custom boat wrap designs.

3.) DURABILITY AND LONGEVITY: In our line of work the question of durability comes up quite often. Mostly we’re asked “How long will my boat wrap last?” or “what happens if I scratch the vinyl?” Sometimes you’ll hear stories about how someone only got 1 year out of their boat wrap! We’ll try our best to simplify the answers we have for you. There are factors that can hinder, or lengthen the amount of time you’ll get out of your wrap, and we’ll lay it out for you right here.

If you get a light scratch or pull in your vinyl we can patch it. Keep in mind that if you have a deep scratch or ding, that severely damages the underlying surface, it may show up under the vinyl patch. The patch can be anywhere from a small square to an entire panel of a boat. If the wrap is showing signs of UV damage and is a bit older it may be worth replacing the panel, or simply investing in an entire new wrap.

We know you want the most out of your investment when choosing a boat wrap. There are several factors that determine longevity when you decide on a wrap. A wrap that’s kept in saltwater may last 3-5 years when a freshwater boat wrap can potentially last 5-7 years (depending how well you take care of it). Some people get even more time out of their wrap. One thing to also consider is the quality of paint underneath. This does actually affect how the vinyl adheres to the boat. If your paint is in serious need of repair, we would recommend having a detailed look at it to assess if vinyl can be placed over it.

If you’re a “do it yourselfer” we would recommend taking a back seat on this one. There’s a lot of techniques used that are not only important to the aesthetics of the boat wrap but also the durability. If the wrap isn’t installed by an experienced professional you can seriously decrease the life of your boat wrap. An experienced installer can also guide you in proper maintenance and care for your vinyl wrap.

4.) QUICK AND ON-SITE INSTALLATION: The amount of time that is required for the installation of a boat wrap is important for a lot of people. We know you don’t want to give your boat up for the nicest weekends of the summer. Typically a boat wrap will take 1-3 days depending on the size or the detail involved. Some vinyl installations can be done on site, if the boat is unable to be hauled to the installers facility. If the wrap is installed on-site, it has to be dry-docked, clean, and in a clean area. The big takeaway is there’s a little more flexibility when choosing this option because we all know how busy you are!

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE: We certainly know a fresh new coat of paint looks great and has its perks. However, if you’re busy, don’t want to spend thousands buffing your boat every year or you want a custom look maybe you should consider a vinyl boat wrap as a viable option.

Reach out to us for a free and easy estimate on a boat wrap! Don’t worry...we don’t bite!

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